Cidermakers Select – “4 Orchards Blend” 2022



The CMS “4 Orchards Blend” is the newest offering in our CMS series.

At Spreyton Cider we have always relied on the support of our neighbouring orchards. These families have been here for as long as we have and have helped supply the great apples in our fresh juices and cider products.

The Orchards Collective:
From Avro Park we have Mutso, from Ayers Orchards we have Envy (Braeburn x Royal Gala) and from Squibbs we have the Braeburn. Spreyton has included one of our heritage favourites – the Sturmer Pippin.

The resulting cider blend was then filtered, carbonated and packaged quickly after processing the juice to ensure freshness.

The final cider is a balanced blend of rich tannin astringency, zippy, sharp acids and moreish sweet, fresh apple flavour. This is a traditional, medium blend with enough complexity to keep you coming back for more.

Supplied in: 16 x 330ml / 5.5% ABV

Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free Apple Cider!00% Australian Grown Apple Cider

Small Batch – Limited Release – 4000L

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