Hard Ginger Beer

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The Spreyton Hard Ginger Beer is a naturally fermented Ginger beer based on a family recipe dating back to the 1800s. Using only Ginger, Lemon, Tartaric acid (from grape skins) and yeast to give it its unique flavour.

In a land of migrants like Tasmania it is unusual to find a family that is 5 generations Tasmanian on both sides. While one side ploughed the land and planted apple trees, the other half were busy ploughing the seas!
One of our Great, Great Grandfather’s, was a Hobart based Master Mariner. The story goes that he never went to sea without a keg or two of Ginger Beer, made to his own recipe,
which he swore was the best cure for sea sickness! Stepping ashore for the last time in the 1890’s he switched from the stormy seas to the rambunctious life of a waterfront
publican, one thing however remained the same, there was always a keg of Ginger Beer on the go behind the bar!
We have been able to piece together this family recipe from old notebooks and other family heirlooms and hope you enjoy the traditional flavours as much as we do!


Supplied in: 16 x 330ml cans / 3.5% ABV

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