Ciders Range

Spreyton Cider Co’s traditional ciders range are made using the time-honored cider-making techniques of England and France, and as you might expect at 7.5 – 8% ABV they pack a punch in more ways than one!

These flavour-packed ciders are fermented in the bottle to produce lightly carbonated ciders reminiscent in appearance of fine champagne.

Gently roll the bottle before opening for a cloudy cider or pour clear, on ice, or straight up, either way our Traditional Ciders are a truly Tasmanian Heritage experience.

Traditional Ciders Range

Classic Cider

With tantalising hints of fresh Pink Lady and Sundowner apples.

Traditional, bottle-fermented cider made from Spreyton’s finest eating apples. Predominantly Pink Lady and Royal Gala apples are blended with other eating apples to make cider.

This Classic Cider is completely dry with no residual sugar to allow the true flavour of the apples to shine through.

An ideal accompaniment to home worked roast pork and perfect to cook with, like braised pork shoulder or steamed mussels.

A Truly Classic Tasmanian Cider experience.

Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free Apple Cider

Clean & Crisp

Classic Tasmanian Cider experience!

Classic Cider Bottle

Supplied in:

16 x 330ml | 7.5% ABV

Traditional Ciders Range

Bitter Cider

Made for those that like their flavours big and bold.

Our Bitter Cider is made from handpicked Fuji apples to create a rich bold cider that is enhanced by the addition of Tasmanian Hops to add the refreshing bitter notes that linger on the back palate.

The bitterness in this dry, bottle-fermented cider comes directly from being dry-hopped with a blend of Tasmanian hops. This is ideal for beer lovers who are coeliac as being a cider that is completely gluten-free.

This cider, while not unusual in North America, is one of the few hopped ciders made in Australia.

An easy-drinking cider that goes well with good food and great company. Bitter is the better way to go!

Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free Apple Cider


Bitter is the better way to go!

Bitter Cider Bottle

Supplied in:

16 x 330ml | 8.0% ABV

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