• Packed 24 to the carton. Our non-alcoholic cider uses the same great apple juice we use in our range of fresh juices at Spreyton Fresh. The juice is processed weekly, carefully fermented for a very short period of time, filtered, carbonated and bottled. This ensures we maintain a great apple flavour, and take the edge of the natural sweetness in the juice. The result is a balanced, refreshing and delicious non-alcoholic cider.
  • This is Spreyton’s first offering in the flavoured cider category after much experimentation and trial batches kegged for local events. We wanted something easy drinking and balanced to allow the true raspberry flavour to enrich the subtle cider taste. Our Apple and Raspberry cider is made from the same great Tasmanian fruit that is synonymous with the Spreyton Brand. Medium, sweet apple cider has been carefully blended with whole raspberry fruit to give a delicious balanced tartness and a glorious pink colour. Made with whole Tasmanian fruit with no added water or sugar. Produced seasonally to a limited amount, we hope you enjoy this classic flavour combination.
  • Like biting into a sweet tree ripened apple, our award winning Apple Cider is both onderfully refreshing and moreish! A blend of handpicked, tree ripened eating apples go into this refreshing, crisp, cider, made to capture the essence of Tasmania, our Apple cider is ideal for all occasions. Carefully blended back with Spreyton’s famous apple juice for you to savour the flavour of pure Tasmanian apple
  • Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar is made from the same high quality fruit used to make our award winning fresh apple juice. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is naturally fermented, unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted so it retains all its natural goodness and of course the mother of vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is not only a delicious addition to your cooking and salads, its health benefits have been recognised since 400BC. Recommended adult daily dosage: 1 - 2 tablespoons in water
  • After the success of the Young Sturmer last year – we decided to have another go. This is a strong traditional cider base made up of predominantly Kingston Black, Sturmer and Gravenstein ciders – sharp, with restrained tannin complexity. Softened and sweetened with Sturmer Pippen juice – a late picked variety with lots of fresh acidic zing.
  • "We have reflected on previous vintages to benchmark against in deciding the final blend and which ciders worked well with each other. There is an abundance of Kingstone Black (possibly the single best cider variety) and Gravenstein (one of our favourites) with more restrained amounts of the tannic and bitter Bulmers Norman, Yarlington Mill and Bec D’oie. And finally the variety that gives us the inspiration for the blend name this year – Sturmer Pippen. Uniquely to this vintage the cutback juice used was exclusively Sturmer Pippen which gives our Young Sturmer cider a beautiful fresh acidic finish from this particular heritage apple. Tannic bitterness and “grippy” texture is also evident and gives this cider a glorious mouthfeel and length."
  • Clean Crisp and Dry

    With tantalising hints of fresh Pink Lady and Sundowner apples, this Crisp Dry Cider is a true classic. Made in the traditional style, bottle fermented using our own tree ripened apples, Classic is a clean, crisp, medium dry cider, with a light carbonation and fine bead. Gently roll the bottle before opening for a cloudy cider or pour clear over ice for a Classic Tasmanian Cider experience.
  • The first of a potential line of lower alcoholic carbonated beverages to be produced and bottled by Spreyton Fresh Pty Ltd. The Spreyton Hard Ginger Beer is a naturally fermented Ginger beer based on a family recipe dating back to the 1800s. Using only Ginger, Lemon, Tartaric acid (from grape skins) and yeast to give it its unique flavour. 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours added. Competitively priced as a premium product that would appeal to all cafes, restaurants and hotels looking to stock high end Tasmanian quality products. Made with a touch more ginger bite and less sweetness than many of the competing products our Hard Ginger Beer is unique and is aimed at the discerning consumer looking for a change from more traditional alcoholic beverages. Packed 24 to the carton. Please get in contact for wholesale enquiries - info@spreytonciderco.com.au
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    We are excited to release the second offering of “Single Varietal” Traditional Ciders. We have been patiently waiting for our cider apple trees to mature in order to pick a suitable crop for these releases. The Kingston Black is a bitter-sharp apple and is considered by many to be the ultimate cider apple variety with an excellent balance of acid and tannin bitterness and enough fermentable sugars for fermentation. It was first cultivated in the parish of Kingston St Marys in Somerset, UK and was a red-black apple –hence the name. It’s popularity in traditional cidermaking regions of the UK means it is more widely grown than any other cider apple in England.
  • “A sessionable and refreshingly acidic made from tart Kentish and sweet Lapin cherries. Combined with sharp apple cider to give a final blend of rich cherry sweetness in the front palate over zingy apple acid drops lingering through the back palate.”
  • Spreyton’s Traditional Ginger Beer is a non-alcoholic Ginger Beer brewed to an old family recipe. With pure Tasmanian Water and fiery Fijian Ginger. Spreyton’s Traditional Ginger Beer delivers delicious zingy ginger hits just like the home brew grandma used to make!
  • Contains a 4 pack of every previously released vintage, 2012, 13, 14, 15, 16 and current 2017 Vintage. This is basically a back catalogue of our progress as cider makers and the influence of traditional cider apples and time in bottle over the years. Stock is strictly limited and will come with a personal note from the cidermaker.
  • Rich Bold and Bitter

    Made for those that like their flavours big and bold. Our Bitter cider is made from handpicked Fuji apples to create a rich bold cider that is enhanced by the addition of Tasmanian Hops to add the refreshing bitter notes that linger on the back palate. An easy drinking cider that goes well with good food and great company. Gently roll the bottle before opening for the full bodied, cloudy cider experience or pour clear, either way Bitter is the better way to go!…. ABV 8%.
  • Rich Heritage Flavour

    Made using 100% Heritage cider varieties from our own orchards the Vintage is made to reflect the best of the year’s vintage. Cider apples have been selected over time for their superior cider making characteristics. The Vintage is a connoisseur’s delight with rich traditional cider flavours, bottle fermented to deliver a fine bead and a delicate mousse, the Vintage will improve with age. Gently roll the bottle before opening for a cloudy cider or pour clear, on ice or straight up either way Vintage is a Tasmanian Heritage experience.
  • Sweet Soft Pear

    A delicious fresh pear straight from the tree is one of nature’s true delights, our Pear cider is made to give you the same experience all year round. Made with naturally sweet Tasmanian pears our Pear cider is deliciously crisp and refreshing. Soft pear flavours and well balanced sweetness combine for a true Tasmanian taste sensation.
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