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Welcome to our online shop. Spreyton is now not only home to great Tasmanian Apples and Fresh Apple juice it is also home to one of the few true tree-to-bottle cider producers in Australia. Every drop of Spreyton Cider contains a piece of our home and we trust you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

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Contemporary Ciders

Contemporary or modern styles of cider tend to more refined and typically back-sweetened. These techniques are possible with newer technology and cider making methods. The addition of other fruit juices opens up a whole new spectrum of possible flavours!

Supplied in: 24 x 330ml | 16 x 330ml

Spiced Pear Cider

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Apple and Raspberry Cider

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Traditional Ciders

Spreyton Cider Co’s traditional ciders are made using the time-honored cider-making techniques of England and France, and as you might expect at 7.5 – 8% ABV they pack a punch in more ways than one!

These flavour-packed ciders are fermented in the bottle to produce lightly carbonated ciders reminiscent in appearance to fine champagne.

Supplied in: 24 x 330ml

Limited Releases

Kingston Black

The Kingston Black is a bitter-sharp apple and is considered by many to be the ultimate cider apple variety with an excellent balance of acid and tannin bitterness and enough fermentable sugars for fermentation.

Supplied in 16 x 330ml

Young Sturmer 2.0

This is a strong traditional cider base made up of predominantly Kingston Black, Sturmer and Gravenstein ciders – sharp, with restrained tannin complexity.

Supplied in: 24 x 330ml

Hard Ginger Beer

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100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours added.

The Spreyton Hard Ginger Beer is a naturally fermented Ginger beer based on a family recipe dating back to the 1800s. Using only Ginger, Lemon, Tartaric acid (from grape skins), and yeast to give it its unique flavour.

Supplied in: 24 x 330ml

Naturally Brewed - Soft Drinks

Our non-alcoholic Sparkling Apple Cider is made with the same high-quality apples that go into our award-winning juices and ciders. Fermentation is carefully controlled to maintain a great apple taste for a balanced and refreshing beverage without the alcohol!

Spreyton Cider makes a delicious non-alcoholic Traditional Ginger Beer from the purist Tasmanian water, zingy lemons, and Fijian Ginger. The recipe has been passed down from Great-Great, Grandmother Walter & is a fine example of an English-style Ginger Beer.

Supplied in: 24 x 330ml

Sparkling Apple Cider

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Traditional Ginger Beer

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Apple Vinegar

Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider Vinegar is made from the same great fruit as our award-winning fresh, cold-pressed apple juice, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Supplied in: 4 x 500ml

Apple Illustration

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Cherry Vinegar

Spreyton Fresh Cherry Vinegar is not a cherry flavoured vinegar infusion but is made from 100% black cherry juice. wonderfully rich and full flavoured.

Supplied in: 4 x 500ml