Naturally Brewed
Soft Drinks

Do you know what’s great? Having a traditionally made, cold-brewed drink – without the alcohol.

At Spreyton we make both a traditional ginger beer and a sparkling apple cider that have the same quality ingredients as their grown-up cousins.

We carefully monitor the quick fermentation to ensure the alcohol level stays below 0.5% in accordance with government regulations.

These non-alcoholic products can be enjoyed by everyone, or why not use them as the perfect mixer for your favourite spirit. Our suggestions are rum or gin with the ginger beer, or why not whiskey or vodka with the sparkling apple cider.

Naturally Brewed Non-Alcoholic Soft Drinks

Sparkling Apple Cider

Refreshing, and delicious!

Our apple-based, brewed soft drink has a great fresh apple flavour. The fermentation is kept short and sharp to take some of the sweet edge off our award-winning Spreyton Fresh Apple Juice.

Made from a blend of eating apples, this product may have some variation throughout the year due to varieties of apples used and season – however, we can assure you it will taste great.

The Sparkling Apple cider is an excellent non-alcoholic alternative – or makes a brilliant mixer for your favourite spirit.

Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free Apple Cider

Clean & Crisp

Delicious non-alcoholic brewed soft drink

Sparkling Apple Cider Bottle

Supplied in:

16 x 330ml  / Soft Drink

100% Natural Brewed Soft Drink

Traditional Ginger Beer

Refreshing beverage without the alcohol!


Our Traditional (non-alcoholic) Ginger Beer is made to the same great recipe used to make our zingy Hard Ginger Beer utilising the great fresh water at Spreyton.

We combine this with full flavoured Fijian ginger, blended with Australian products as well, with the citric hit of lemon and sweetness of Australian sugar. Fermentation is kept controlled and short to ensure we get a brewed flavour without the extra alcohol.

A great alternative to alcohol, or the perfect mixer for your favourite spirit for a tasty cocktail.

Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free Apple Cider

grandfather Walter's

English-style Ginger Beer.

Non-Alcoholic Traditional Ginger Beer Bottle

Supplied in:

16 x 330ml | Soft Drink

100% Natural Brewed Soft Drink

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