Cidermaker’s Select is HERE!

We are very pleased to announce the very first “Cidermaker’s Select” has been bottled and it is looking very, very good! This has been in the pipeline since our small cider specific orchard was planted in 2012 and is something we are excited to get into the market. We plan on doing more limited edition, small batch ciders in the future and expect a good response from our first offering the “Vintage Select 2016”.

We have bottled it into 750ml and are holding off full release until after this year’s Australian Cider Show in October. The Vintage Select ‘16 has the complexity and supreme cider flavour from an influx of our traditional cider varieties. We have Kingstone Black, Bulmer’s Norman, Yarlington Mill and Frequin Rouge apples in an amount that WILL change your perception of cider. In order to sweeten it up a bit we have cut back with juice from a local favourite in our parts that you just don’t see much of anymore – Cox’s Orange Pippen. There is a lovely acidic tang from the fresh juice that combines seamlessly with the subtle bitterness of the cider apples to get a wonderfully balanced, fresh take on traditional ciders.

Quite simply, it’s the best cider we have made – Enjoy!


Damien Viney



Cidermaker’s Select – Vintage Select 2016

ABV: 5%

Apples Used: Kingstone Black, Bulmer’s Norman, Yarlington Mill, Frequin Rouge, Gravenstein, Sturmer Pippen, Coxes Orange Pippen.

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